Monday, October 15, 2012

Edward Waters College Homecoming 2012

The students at Edward Waters College could not have anticipated an even greater Homecoming celebration than the one they experienced from October 8, 2012-October 14, 2012. This year, faculty, staff, and students rave over the turnout, stating that this is by far one of the best Homecoming celebrations ever in the history of Edward Waters College. Students from nearby Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) such as Bethune Cookman University (BCU), and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), came out to show their support.

 The Greeks at Edward Waters College were also in full swing. The "Divine Nine" which consists of: Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho, and Iota Phi Theta, all showed up and showed out, showcasing their Greek letters and strolls. There were drinks for everyone, and each Greek organization held "cookouts" on their individual decorated plots.

Students showed their school spirit via Twitter, with #EWCHC trending the entire week of Homecoming. One student tweeted, "EDUBB [EWC] looking and feeling like a college this week!" Another student tweeted, "This has to be the best Homecoming I have had at #EWCHC." All around campus, no matter who you talk to, everyone seems to agree that the 2012 Homecoming celebration at Edward Waters College was superb.

There was actually a lot to look forward to. The 2012 Homecoming roster released by Edward Waters College was jam packed with activities. The very first day, Monday, October the eighth, students enjoyed a skate pary at Skate Station located in Orange Park, Florida. Students were observed dancing, dining, and skating the night away. This event was followed up by a Student Bowling Party at Jacksonville Lane on Wednesday October the tenth, a comedy show on October the eleventh, and the main event, the Homecoming game in which Edward Waters College battled it out with Webber International University (WIU). At the end of the game, with a score of 30-29, Edward Waters College came out victorious. Students celebrated the win on Beach Boulevard at Club Aqua's "No Crowd Control" Homecoming Extravaganza. The week ended Sunday, October 14, 2012 with a Jennifer Holiday benefit concert featuring the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and the Edward Waters College Concert Choir.

  At the close of the Homecoming week, students are now trying to adjust to the normality of a "regular" college day, with the reminder that just days before, they had the time of their lives. One student tweeted, "It's so hard to say goodbye to #EWCHC." With the overwhelming success of the 2012 Edward Waters College Homecoming Celebration, everyone is left wondering, what's next?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lemongrass: I want more of you!

seaweed salad, and Thai sweet tea

An extra extra serving of Sex on the Moon
Great until the very last drop.

(l-r) Super Deluxe, California, and Sex on the Moon rolls!

On a trip back down south to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I had the privilege of being invited to dine at the delicious Lemongrass restaurant. At the heart of the city, and located just minutes from the beach, Lemongrass offered a variety of Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese dishes that were sure to please my appetite. A city girl myself, from Miami, Florida, the only sushi i had ever eaten was the ocassional order of California roll at the local Publix supermarket. Naturally, I was a little apprehensive when asked to go out to the resturant. I was greeted by a very pleasant middle age woman, who escorted us to the bar. This, I was told, was the best spot in the resturant. I got to watch the chef make our rolls right before my eyes.

My lunch started out with a delicious seaweed salad, that in the beginning I refused to eat because of the appearance. It appeared to be slippery or shiny looking, and I had already entered the restaurant with my reservations high. After much debate I finally caved in and gave the alien dish a try. My tongue immediately thanked me. I was salivating for more, and in fact, I was so impressed with the taste of the dish, that I ordered more of it while the cook prepared our main course.

I was able to wash the salad down with a creamy, [orange], and might I add wonderful Thai sweet tea. I have never in my life tasted a sweet tea so different than the ones I am accustomed to in America, and yet so uniquely good.

Our rolls arrived, and I was taken aback by the beauty in the presentation of the dish. Our first tray consisted of a variety of rolls. We had Super Deluxe, California, and The restaurant's special, Sex on the Moon. While all three of the rolls are by far the best, I was climaxing over the Sex on the Moon. So much so, that myself and my lunch guests all wanted an entire tray with just this type of roll. At the end of the feast, I discovered that unlike the California roll and Super Deluxe rolls which contained fish and shrimp, the Sex on the Moon contained something extra: EEL!!! Even with that discovery, my mouth still wanted more and more of this delicacy.

Lemongrass Asian Bistro, located at: 3811 North Federal Hwy
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 is definitely a really really good restaurant to visit. With prices at $30 and under, this restaurant is sure to please just about anyone. And please don't forget the wasavi.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Model Material?

 With a mother like Katie Holmes, and Tom Cruise for a father, it was a no brainer that little Suri Cruise would be absolutely beautiful Since her birth six years ago on April 18th, the media has been fascinated by this little girl and her incredible personality. Every time she is seen in pictures, she seems very happy and well taken care of. I'm more impressed with the fact that her parents have not exploited her innocence or her beauty. It's clear that she has the beauty to be thrust on the pages of magazines, but instead they are just letting her be a sweet little child. Suri seems to have embraced the life of a mini celebrity, and we all get to sit back and purr over her beauty. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY SURI CRUISE!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Bottom Obsession

 I will never forget getting all dressed up back home in Perrine, a small town in the heart of Miami, Florida, for Trina's video shoot. "What song is she making the video for?" I asked a friend. While being told the name of her upcoming song, I can remember being mesmerized by this well dressed woman walking past me surrounded by bodyguards and her entire entourage. She had on a pair of Christian Loubotins, making it very clear why this shoe deserved so much attention. They were beautiful. Fast forward to the present, and there seems to be a Loubotin take over. Despite the fact that Christian Louboutin first came out with the style in the 1990s, "red bottoms" have exploded on the hollywood scene. Some of everybody is being seen wearing this very popular brand. So much so, that another company,  Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) had to bite a piece of the pie. Reportedly the two companies even went to court on this issue. Loubotin claims that YSL owed them close to $1million in damages and also demanded that their red bottom shoes be stopped! A judge ruled in the favor of YSL and so the fight continues. Whatever the outcome is, everyone is sure to get their hands on this popular shoe designed to elongate the woman's legs, and enhance their sophistication. Men want in too? Well there is a free for all, for all involved. Christian Loubotins can also be ordered as a red bottom sneaker. Tell me that's not Great marketing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cell Phone: The Cursed Gift

There has been multiple debates over the allowance of cell phones inside the schools. Teacher, parents and students have all voiced their opinions as to why cell phones should or should not be permitted in the schools. When you dissect the issue and look at the recent trend of school shootings, it becomes clear that cell phones are necessary.

For instance, There was a school shooting at Episcopal High School of Jacksonville recently, where Spanish teacher Shane Schumerth opened fired on the school principal and headmaster Dale Regan. Rumor has it that Shane and Dale were involved in an ongoing love affair that ended tragically. Shane fired Dale, and in retaliation, Dale returned to the school shortly after lunch break with an assault rifle concealed in a briefcase. He went to Dale's office and opened fire, before turning the gun on himself. No students were injured in this incident.

Students who owned cell phones were able to call their parents and tell them about the tragedy. Parents were afforded the relief of knowing their child was not in harm's way, thus being able to get to their child in a timely fashion.

This was not the case for the infamous Columbine school shooting and stories similar, where it took a while before authorities were notified, allowing the culprits to murder and seriously injure numerous people. I really believe that if there were more cell phones readily available, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel would have been able to respond to the incident more swiftly, thus saving more lives

Cell phones are a curse because they cause a distraction for students while in classes, for drivers while on the road, and in some cases for medical facilities who claim cell phone usage interferes with signals inside of hospitals. Some people use cell phones for illegal purposes, some perverts take pictures of people in class without the other person's permission, and for various other reasons. However, they are absolutely necessary for calling help as mentioned earlier, and for other things such as: sending and receiving emails, surfing the internet and more. What a complex invention.


Love, Probabtion, and RICE CAKES???

Apparently there is an on-going war between Rihanna and Chris Brown's new love Interest, Karrueche Tran. Rumors are flying all over the place about a tweet that Rihanna posted on her twitter page allegedly dissing Miss Tran. The tweet consisted of a pack of rice cakes dressed up in large hoop earrings and sunglasses, with the caption, "Ima make you my b*tch". Lots of people took this as a cultural or racial dig of sorts, because Karrueche Tran is of Vietnamese decent, and rice cakes are commonly associated with her culture. It is said that verbal viral shots were fired from Karreuche, with Rihanna being the target. This time, Karreuche referenced herself as being Angelina Jolie, and Rihanna being Jennifer Aniston. Whether Rihanna's tweets are personal shots intended to assasinate Karrueche's character remains to be revealed, but fans of Rihanna and Chris Brown are obviously taking things very seriously. Karreuche has received multiple threats, some even go as far as being death threats. One fan wrote, "I hope Rihanna beat the dog s-t out of you." Things have gotten so far out of hand, that now Karreuche refuses to leave the house without being accompanied by Chris Brown's body guards.
[[Love Triangle??]]
 Meanwhile sources close to Rihanna say that Chris Brown and Rihanna have always secretly hooked up since a judge placed him on probation and ordered him not to go near Rihanna for at least five years. A companion of Karreuche stated in an interview that Karreuche and Chris Brown are in an open relationship

Is Chris Brown over Rihanna, the jury is still out on this verdict, but pictures surfacing of the two ex lovers paint a vivid picture that sexuality and [lust] is certainly still in the air between the pair. Rihanna reportedly had an interview with Us magazine and confessed that despite their differences in the path, she is still very much in love with her ex boyfriend, Chris, and has forgiven him for attacking her. Rihanna and Chris brown have ended speculations that they have been recording together, with the release of two songs online featuring each other. Rhianna's Birthday Cake, and Chris Brown's new single Turn Up the Music. The pair have also been observed as being very "touchy feely" in the past two weeks, which leaves us with the question, where was his girlfriend when all of this was going on? Most importantly, has Chris brown made a come back? Do you think the media, the fans, and the critics have forgiven Chris Brown for assaulting Rihanna prior to the Grammy Awards in 2009? I have forgiven him, and moved on. What do you guys have to say about all of this...Drama?

Chris Brown Performing with Rihanna: Birthday Cake!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Tweet Heard Around The World

CNN contributor Roland Martin was tweeting during the Super Bowl, and ended up making some controversial comments that were interpreted by some people as homophobic and disrespectful. Martin,at first, defended himself against groups like GLAAD who worked tirelessly to get him fired. Eventually Roland Martin apologized for his remarks, however, CNN ended up suspending him indefinitely. On a show titled Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz and his entire panel argued about whether this as the right or fair decision for CNN to make. Some issues raised were the fact that other commentators have gotten away with more risqué comments, and CNN may have been a bit too harsh. Others argue that Twitter is supposed to be a person's private life and as citizens of the United States are afforded the freedom of speech and/or expression.

Me personally, I feel as if the decision CNN made was a sound decision. It should never be acceptable for anyone to make a comment that is disrespectful for any given group of people or person, and it's time that these commentators take responsibility for some of the hurtful things that are said about other people. Especially when you are representing a company such as CNN and other large news stations. People need to understand that the words of workers can potentially cost the company large sums of money, and whether you are on the air or not, if you say something in a situation that can be heard or read by millions of people, if it's negative you ought to be able to pay the consequences of your actions. CNN did the right thing. Maybe this will set the standard for some of the other anchors on what they should or should not post on social networks.

I want to hear from you? What side of the argument do you stand on. Leave your comments below.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

VH1's Reality Check

         I believe I'm like millions of viewers who have ever wondered if Reality Television was real or fake. I've always assumed a camera followed a group of "interesting" people around and brought back an explosion of drama. It wasn't until watching Vh1's Love & Hip hop that I had an epiphany. I came to realize that there's no way anyone's life could be as juicy and as exciting as the lives of the cast of the hit reality show.
      Well I caught up with the latest episode titled Reality Check. This episode featured the show's stars giving their own unscripted views of their lives, the lives of their cast mates and the show. First up was Chrissy Lampkin. Homegirl was livid about the fact that the show painted her in a negative light. Chrissy got so mad as to quit the show when cameras weren't running. Her reason? She feels as if the show instigated and fueled the ongoing beef between herself and cast mate Yandy Smith. Tonight's episode gave viewers a first hand experience of Chrissy's real emotions. "The reality about this show is, a lot of this show isn't real." said Somaya Reese. Erica Mena feels as if "the show was edited to make her look bad." After plenty of untold drama and behind the scene clips, the episode wrapped with the producer, Mona Scott Young wrapping her hands around a crying Erica and reminding her that, "Life is about growth, and these shows don't represent everything you are."
     I think that about sums it up for the viewers. While reality shows feature real people instead of actresses and actors, the story line and focus of the show is heavily scripted and edited thus taking away from the authenticity of real life. This leaves me with the question: Is Reality TV [really] keeping it real? You be the judge.

Monday, February 6, 2012

He's Special Because He's Beautiful By: Richaunda Curry

When asked to describe this person, there's a celebratory parade of emotions that begin to flood my veins. For a lack of better words, he is beautiful; that's what makes him special, at least to me. Every encounter with him is breathtaking, from hello to goodbye. His thick eyebrows invite me to take in all the features of his beautiful face. Warm creamy complexion, strong well defined nose, thick luscious lips. He opens his mouth and smiles; I'm tranquilized by the array of perfect teeth. He speaks, and I'm baptized by the invigorating sweetness of his breath. Just beautiful.

Have a couple of minutes? Bask in his presence and discover how beautiful his personality is. He tell stories as smooth as a baby's bottom. No conversation is considered taboo for him. He's experienced. Engage in conversation with him and you'll feel like the luckiest woman alive. He listens with both ears, and offers advice usually unheard of. What an awesome friend he is to have. Just down right beautiful.

What capitalizes on his beauty is his unwavering love for his son. This bond; This relationship is beautiful. It is what makes him special to me. The passion that he shows his son is intoxicating. He's more than just a concerned father; More than just a happy dad. He is a proud parent, and each time the topic of parenthood is resurrected his heart beams with pride. His hard exterior melts like molten rock; he softens and his pressure goes down. And this is by observation alone. Bring up the subject of his little boy, or any little boy for that matter, and the world stops spinning. Speak an ill will about a child and be wary of his wrath. There is nothing more beautiful than to witness the love that a father has for his son. Despite everything else that I love about this man, his love for his son is what ultimately makes him special; makes him beautiful

Full Figure Lips

And who said big lips weren't beautiful??.....BOOM!

Chicken and Crab Explosion: Salad created by Richaunda Curry

One of the best salads I have ever made. I call this bad baby my Chicken and Crab EXPLOSION! Yes, take your tongue to an amusement park of flavor. Good until the very last drop...finger licking good! Try, if you must, at your own risk and I promise you a salad addiction that is sure to be one hard addiction to kick.


Spring mix lettuce (about a hand full)
2 individually wrapped artificial crab legs
1/2 cup of Tyson fully cooked chicken breast cubes (in the green bag)
1/4 cup of feta cheese crumbles
1 whole Roma tomato (or half of a large red tomato) (diced)
1/2 large cucumber (diced)
2 rings of red onion diced
Kraft Zesty Italian dressing
Kraft Catalina dressing

(1) After washing and preparing your vegetables mix them by hand so that all vegetables are evenly distributed throughout your bowl
(2) Pour Zesty Italian dressing and Catalina dressing over your salad. Use as much or as less as you desire. (remember use more Catalina dressing than Italian dressing)
(3) Add feta cheese and your crab and chicken
(4) Give salad a complete shake to ensure that there is an even amount of dressing distributed over every ounce of your lettuce.

ENJOY....Chicken and Crab EXPLOSION...One great bite after the other.

Only In my dreams...A POEM WRITTEN BY Richaunda Curry

Is it possible that he knows?
I wonder.
And ponder.
Yet I'm still left without an answer.
His face.
Full of expression.
Expresses no definitive revelation of my feelings.
So it's killing me softly.
Every day I die in his presence.
Small parts of me melt beneath his smile.
My eyes have yet to see a man so beautiful.
His sophistication excites me.
I'm hungry for his knowledge.
Starving myself.
His intelligence my sustenance.
A woman so strong.
So weak when he is near.
Words turn to mumble.
Hands left to fumble.
Oh Doctor please.
Diagnose this affliction.
Something tells me he can sense it.
And perhaps.
By chance.
He too suffers from this oppression.
At least then.
If he does.
I wouldn't be left feeling...
If only in my dreams.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reality TV...REALLY?

Jersey Shore is back for it's 5th season. I repeat Jersey Shore is back for it's 5th season. ((picks up remote and changes the channel)) LOL. I'm not really sure why they call this a reality show. Whose reality is it? Wait...please don't tell me that there are real people out there who use drinking as a form of pain reliever for a Urinary Tract Infection. ((hint: see a doctor Snooki)). Is this what has become of our entertainment system? Its alleged that VH1 pays almost $100k per episode for the cast of Jersey Shore to drink and have sex all day. I wonder how much they are willing to pay a College student to sit around and read books all day? BTW does anyone watch the show?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Guy goes to the club with some friends. Guy meets up with HOT chick at the club. Guy leaves club with Hot ((AND NOW VERY DRUNK)) Chick. Someone takes a picture of Guy holding on to Hot Chick leaving the club, and posts these pictures on Twitter which is also linked to Facebook. Everything goes viral, Girlfriend of Guy breaks up with him. Guy tries to explain to Girlfriend he was only trying to help Drunk Chick get home safely.  Girlfriend does not want to hear any reasoning because she is "TOTALLY HUMILIATED" by her Facebook friends...UGH!! Sounds familiar? I'm wondering why people even still have Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc? Is it just me or does these social media sites seem to be breaking up more relationships than affairs? Why is that? I'm wondering if there should be a line drawn between dating and social media? Am I just tripping?

I've seen numerous friendships and relationships ripped to shreds because of social media. Whose to blame? Some people get so offended if a partner, friend, FWB, associates etc. ignores a friend request, does not follow them back or posts on their wall. Is it really that serious? Is the American culture becoming influenced by these social sites so much that the culture itself becomes crippled because of it? Are we as a people taking things to far by blending personal life with social media, or is this the way things should be? People as a whole have strayed away from the dynamics of the social network and have somewhat become engulfed in the drama of it all.

What ever happened to the site where friends come together and look at each other's high school year book pictures, laugh about it and catch up on lost time? Now there is this new trend of internet thugging, FB beefing, and millions of micro managers floating around cyber space. Are people beginning to lose themselves to the Internet? Relationship decisions are being heavily influenced by these social networks and it leaves a person to wonder when enough will truly be enough.