Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Bottom Obsession

 I will never forget getting all dressed up back home in Perrine, a small town in the heart of Miami, Florida, for Trina's video shoot. "What song is she making the video for?" I asked a friend. While being told the name of her upcoming song, I can remember being mesmerized by this well dressed woman walking past me surrounded by bodyguards and her entire entourage. She had on a pair of Christian Loubotins, making it very clear why this shoe deserved so much attention. They were beautiful. Fast forward to the present, and there seems to be a Loubotin take over. Despite the fact that Christian Louboutin first came out with the style in the 1990s, "red bottoms" have exploded on the hollywood scene. Some of everybody is being seen wearing this very popular brand. So much so, that another company,  Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) had to bite a piece of the pie. Reportedly the two companies even went to court on this issue. Loubotin claims that YSL owed them close to $1million in damages and also demanded that their red bottom shoes be stopped! A judge ruled in the favor of YSL and so the fight continues. Whatever the outcome is, everyone is sure to get their hands on this popular shoe designed to elongate the woman's legs, and enhance their sophistication. Men want in too? Well there is a free for all, for all involved. Christian Loubotins can also be ordered as a red bottom sneaker. Tell me that's not Great marketing.

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