Monday, February 6, 2012

He's Special Because He's Beautiful By: Richaunda Curry

When asked to describe this person, there's a celebratory parade of emotions that begin to flood my veins. For a lack of better words, he is beautiful; that's what makes him special, at least to me. Every encounter with him is breathtaking, from hello to goodbye. His thick eyebrows invite me to take in all the features of his beautiful face. Warm creamy complexion, strong well defined nose, thick luscious lips. He opens his mouth and smiles; I'm tranquilized by the array of perfect teeth. He speaks, and I'm baptized by the invigorating sweetness of his breath. Just beautiful.

Have a couple of minutes? Bask in his presence and discover how beautiful his personality is. He tell stories as smooth as a baby's bottom. No conversation is considered taboo for him. He's experienced. Engage in conversation with him and you'll feel like the luckiest woman alive. He listens with both ears, and offers advice usually unheard of. What an awesome friend he is to have. Just down right beautiful.

What capitalizes on his beauty is his unwavering love for his son. This bond; This relationship is beautiful. It is what makes him special to me. The passion that he shows his son is intoxicating. He's more than just a concerned father; More than just a happy dad. He is a proud parent, and each time the topic of parenthood is resurrected his heart beams with pride. His hard exterior melts like molten rock; he softens and his pressure goes down. And this is by observation alone. Bring up the subject of his little boy, or any little boy for that matter, and the world stops spinning. Speak an ill will about a child and be wary of his wrath. There is nothing more beautiful than to witness the love that a father has for his son. Despite everything else that I love about this man, his love for his son is what ultimately makes him special; makes him beautiful

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