Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cell Phone: The Cursed Gift

There has been multiple debates over the allowance of cell phones inside the schools. Teacher, parents and students have all voiced their opinions as to why cell phones should or should not be permitted in the schools. When you dissect the issue and look at the recent trend of school shootings, it becomes clear that cell phones are necessary.

For instance, There was a school shooting at Episcopal High School of Jacksonville recently, where Spanish teacher Shane Schumerth opened fired on the school principal and headmaster Dale Regan. Rumor has it that Shane and Dale were involved in an ongoing love affair that ended tragically. Shane fired Dale, and in retaliation, Dale returned to the school shortly after lunch break with an assault rifle concealed in a briefcase. He went to Dale's office and opened fire, before turning the gun on himself. No students were injured in this incident.

Students who owned cell phones were able to call their parents and tell them about the tragedy. Parents were afforded the relief of knowing their child was not in harm's way, thus being able to get to their child in a timely fashion.

This was not the case for the infamous Columbine school shooting and stories similar, where it took a while before authorities were notified, allowing the culprits to murder and seriously injure numerous people. I really believe that if there were more cell phones readily available, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel would have been able to respond to the incident more swiftly, thus saving more lives

Cell phones are a curse because they cause a distraction for students while in classes, for drivers while on the road, and in some cases for medical facilities who claim cell phone usage interferes with signals inside of hospitals. Some people use cell phones for illegal purposes, some perverts take pictures of people in class without the other person's permission, and for various other reasons. However, they are absolutely necessary for calling help as mentioned earlier, and for other things such as: sending and receiving emails, surfing the internet and more. What a complex invention.


Love, Probabtion, and RICE CAKES???

Apparently there is an on-going war between Rihanna and Chris Brown's new love Interest, Karrueche Tran. Rumors are flying all over the place about a tweet that Rihanna posted on her twitter page allegedly dissing Miss Tran. The tweet consisted of a pack of rice cakes dressed up in large hoop earrings and sunglasses, with the caption, "Ima make you my b*tch". Lots of people took this as a cultural or racial dig of sorts, because Karrueche Tran is of Vietnamese decent, and rice cakes are commonly associated with her culture. It is said that verbal viral shots were fired from Karreuche, with Rihanna being the target. This time, Karreuche referenced herself as being Angelina Jolie, and Rihanna being Jennifer Aniston. Whether Rihanna's tweets are personal shots intended to assasinate Karrueche's character remains to be revealed, but fans of Rihanna and Chris Brown are obviously taking things very seriously. Karreuche has received multiple threats, some even go as far as being death threats. One fan wrote, "I hope Rihanna beat the dog s-t out of you." Things have gotten so far out of hand, that now Karreuche refuses to leave the house without being accompanied by Chris Brown's body guards.
[[Love Triangle??]]
 Meanwhile sources close to Rihanna say that Chris Brown and Rihanna have always secretly hooked up since a judge placed him on probation and ordered him not to go near Rihanna for at least five years. A companion of Karreuche stated in an interview that Karreuche and Chris Brown are in an open relationship

Is Chris Brown over Rihanna, the jury is still out on this verdict, but pictures surfacing of the two ex lovers paint a vivid picture that sexuality and [lust] is certainly still in the air between the pair. Rihanna reportedly had an interview with Us magazine and confessed that despite their differences in the path, she is still very much in love with her ex boyfriend, Chris, and has forgiven him for attacking her. Rihanna and Chris brown have ended speculations that they have been recording together, with the release of two songs online featuring each other. Rhianna's Birthday Cake, and Chris Brown's new single Turn Up the Music. The pair have also been observed as being very "touchy feely" in the past two weeks, which leaves us with the question, where was his girlfriend when all of this was going on? Most importantly, has Chris brown made a come back? Do you think the media, the fans, and the critics have forgiven Chris Brown for assaulting Rihanna prior to the Grammy Awards in 2009? I have forgiven him, and moved on. What do you guys have to say about all of this...Drama?

Chris Brown Performing with Rihanna: Birthday Cake!