Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reality TV...REALLY?

Jersey Shore is back for it's 5th season. I repeat Jersey Shore is back for it's 5th season. ((picks up remote and changes the channel)) LOL. I'm not really sure why they call this a reality show. Whose reality is it? Wait...please don't tell me that there are real people out there who use drinking as a form of pain reliever for a Urinary Tract Infection. ((hint: see a doctor Snooki)). Is this what has become of our entertainment system? Its alleged that VH1 pays almost $100k per episode for the cast of Jersey Shore to drink and have sex all day. I wonder how much they are willing to pay a College student to sit around and read books all day? BTW does anyone watch the show?


Anonymous said...

i watch just about every episode and I love it, but it sets a bad example for young adults. It teaches them that this lifestyle is okay when it's not. And you know people on tv wouldn't pay a penny for anything school related

CollegeGurl Curry said...

@Anonymous, do you think reality television represent reality? In your personal opinion do you think reality TV depicts television, bends the truth, or totally drops the ball?

Ashlei A. Sweets said...

Hmmm, if they paid me to do what I normally do, I'd hop on it! Unfortunately, people don't find mundane daily events interesting or exciting. (and certainly not scandalous!)