Friday, February 8, 2013

EWC Could I Please Get My Refund Check?

I mean, i know i am not the only student that feels this way, but I really need my refund check. I can't wait until EWC gives me my refund check. I can't understand for the life of me why some students think it's a bad thing when other students demand their refund checks. I mean, we really need our money. I am currently living off-campus and I rely on my refund check for all of my needs like clothing, food, shelter, I have to put gas in my car as well as pay my car insurance. On top of that I am a woman, and there are a whole slew of other things that I need on the strength of being a woman alone.

I really hate the fact that EWC makes us wait so long before we could get our hands on our refunds. By the time they issue us our refunds I am usually knee-deep in bills. I look forward to my refund check every semester, because it's what I use to keep me afloat throughout the semester. I work, but being a full time student I don't get the chance to pull in that many hours, so I rely on my refund check for support. I bust my behind securing scholarships so that i could use the money when I really need it. I maintain the highest GPA possible to make me eligible, so once I do all the foot work, I expect my refund to be available to me when I need it the most. Why must I be on the verge of being thrown out on the streets and have my car taken away before the school will hand over what's rightfully mine?

I really wish the people high up would remember the days when they were students and move at a faster pace to get all of needy students their money. I'm just saying....EWC please hand over my change.

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