Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Respect My Right NOT To Choose

I would like to start by saying that some of my closest friends are lesbian women. We share everything together. We share laughs, and have even cried together. I have given advice on relationships and everything. I say that because a lot of people feel as though if a person does not agree with something they hate it. I have never understood why voicing your personal views on the homosexual culture could conjure up such hatred. It would be easy to say that I don't accept something because I don't understand it, but I stand here saying that I fully understand the gay culture and way of life, but that still does not mean I agree with the lifestyle. And just because I do not agree with the lifestyle does not mean that I hate gays people.

I am close friends with people who smoke marijuana, does that mean I have to go out there and smoke it? No. Does that mean I have to let someone who is smoking a joint come around my children while they are smoking? Absolutely not. As a human being I have the right as well as the final say so on what I want to expose my children to, especially while they are ages six and four. The two little ones in my life have come around my lesbian friends. They have also played with them and they even call them auntie, but what I will not allow is for them to engage in public displays of affection around them. Does that make me anti-gay? I would think not. I say I am giving my children the right to choose for themselves. I will raise them the way my parents and my pastor has taught me, without going all religious with it, I want to instill in them that it is common for a man and a woman to be together. What I will not do is go around and force them to hate gay people. I want them to love everybody for who they are, but I do not feel as though I have to throw the subject of homosexuality on them when they are trying to discover who they are.

The males in my family I will present women to them for them to potentially engage in relationships with when they get old enough. The same thing goes for the little females. I will try to promote my little girls to go after eligible men. Now if I find out that they want something different, I have no choice but to accept their differences, but by all means that does not make me a bad person just because I would rather my child not grow up gay. I don't go around saying "don't do this or that because it's gay" or saying things that go against gay people. I just want to protect my children as long as I could and give them a fair chance to make up their own minds on what their sexual preference. I understand that gays and lesbians are all around me, and I love them, but I choose a different lifestyle for myself as well as the lives of my children. It's a free country and people have the right to choose. I choose not to live the gay lifestyle what harm is there in that?

I honestly believe that people who wish to jump all over me all because I openly disagree with the gay lifestyle needs to take a chill pill and take a deeper look in themselves. I have never been a yes woman, and I do believe that I am entitled to my own opinions and beliefs. I guess some people are more mature than others. I have no problem with having healthy adult relationships with homo and heterosexual adults. They clearly understand that I do not want that lifestyle for myself and they respect that. It's one thing if I walk around talking hate against gays--which I don't, but to disagree with the lifestyle does not mean I hate the people that engage in the activity. And if you are going to ridicule me all because I don't agree with your way of life, then I say go take a hike and jump off of a cliff you idiot.

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